Custom Mazes

Can’t find what you want in a maze? Love the look of the custom mazes I have for sale – but you want that something special I just don’t have available for sale right  now. Wellll, look no further, as you can commission me to make you a Totally Custom maze. I can take most pictures and turn them into a one of a kind hand drawn maze. Even an idea can be brainstormed into reality. I can make it very, very hard. Or somewhat easy. You decide.


For example; I can make Names, Places, Maps, Photographs, Pictures and MORE into a maze just for you or that special someone. A maze could have your logo and store name. People would buy and share your cool mazed in name.  Use them as a place mat or giveaway with orders so your customer will never forget you. Talk about a unique hand made gift!


Cost: $250
You get: Up to 25 copies of the finished, colored maze. I retain rights to maze, and can resell it on my website, etc.


Cost: $500
You get: Above, plus – Original drawing and the digital original after coloring/editing so you can make as many copies as you want. You are buying all rights to maze. I will not sell it on my website.


Cost: $600
You get: Above, plus – I will take time-lapse video as I draw your maze.


Watch this video below as I draw the “Unicorn” maze. I start by drawing in the picture and then filling in the picture with the maze paths. Once finished my wife, Jacqui, edits the uncolored maze, and then colors them in to bring out the picture and maze, er, make them Awesome!