Been looking for that special gift that says you really care about getting something completely one of a kind and hand made? Need a Desktop RBS right away? I can make my standard two track, hand loaded, finger released desktop in just a couple of days(18x18x18) much like the photo on the left.



#161 – non-motorized, hand fed marbles



The DESKTOP sized Kinetic Art Rolling Ball Sculpture fits nicely on your desk or table and is meant to be fairly portable. I have two styles of this type of RBS. They are similar in construction, with one style being hand powered, and the other style, slightly larger, being motorized to make them continuous.

Both styles of rolling ball sculpture (RBS) have these basic features:

1 or 2 Flat spirals
Lots of track elements like: “wavy track”, “marbles on track” and “S track”.
Loop d loop with 5+ inversions.

Rolling Ball Sculpture #188 - SIDE
Tipping arm
1″ colorful glass marbles
Optional: Marble collector, teeter totter, tall skinny spiral and more.

The hand powered RBS has you taking the marbles from the bottom of the sculpture and placing them at the top.





Here they queue  up waiting for you to push the lever at the bottom to release one, two or all of the marbles at the same time. The colorful glass marbles roll directly into a track splitter that takes one track and splits it into two. The marbles take their paths and meet up at the bottom crashing into each other, with a satisfying click. If you are buying for kids, or for someone who is very hands on, then this RBS is what you want. The standard size of the hand powered Desktop RBS is 18h x 18w x 18d inches.

Rolling Ball Sculpture #188 - BACK

Rolling Ball Sculpture #188 – BACK



A motorized RBS is much cooler though.  If you want a piece of art to watch from a distance then having a motorized marble lift is a must. You can choose between a Helical/Spiral lift, a Chain lift, or an Arm lift. It’s all a matter of taste and aesthetics when choosing a lift style, because they perform the same function; namely lifting the marbles back to the top for continuous rolling ball movement. The motorized projects are larger too. About 26″h X 22″wide X 22″ deep. They are run on a low power 12v DC motor, which can be speed controlled so you can set the lift to operate at any speed you desire.

I’ve got quite a few videos of the size/style RBS on youtube. To save you time, though, I’ll put several examples on this page for you to view.


Hand Operated Rolling Ball Sculpture Marble Run #195


This RBS (below) was built from the customer’s design. They bought a smaller desktop from me a year or so before, and wanted a size and performance upgrade. The wanted lots of action, which is exactly what I built them. See it below, #194: 29″ high X 20″ wide X 18″ deep – with 4 different tracks.

#186 – motorized – helical/spiral lift


Marble Run #190 – hand operated.

#185 – motorized – helical/spiral lift


#184 – motorized – helical/spiral lift

#182 – non-motorized, hand fed marbles

#181 – non-motorized, hand fed marbles

#161 – non-motorized, hand fed marbles

#79 – motorized – radial arm lift

#71 – motorized – radial arm lift

#63 – motorized – chain lift

#26 – non-motorized, 4 different tracks