Automatic Rolling Ball Machines for lobby, exhibits and museums.

Lobby RBS at “Kimpton Hotel”, Portland, OR


“The Energy machine”



I’ve had a few projects go to Museums or Science Centers.
They are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. Rolling Ball Machines – get one here!

#79 at Phæno

#79 on display by Phæno in Germany!
19in high X 18in wide X 18in deep W/ 1inch glass marbles

6ft cube in Malaysia!

This is one of my biggest rolling ball machines – and is now in Malaysia.
6ft x 6ft x 6ft – Plexi to be added at destination. Two different helical lifts each feed
two of the four sides. 1-3/8″ miniature billiard balls.

Coyote Point Museum – CuriOdyssey.org

This rolling ball machine was built for CuriOdyssey
4ft square X 6ft high. 4 different tracks – hand powered.

Funique in South Korea

Here are 4  rolling ball machines I made for Funique in South Korea.
All have a 4’x4′ base.