Hand Drawn Mazes

Awe-Mazing mazes book cover

Welcome to our Awe-Mazing section of hand drawn mazes.

$12 each includes shipping in the USA.

All of the mazes pictured below are included. They are printed on card stock quality paper, and are spiral bound so they lay flat. Email me to inquire about buying the maze book.

I draw these mazes with a .05 mechanical pencil. I start these mazes by drawing in the picture that will be the theme. Once the picture is sketched in I add the Start. Working out from there, I loosely keep track of the “winning” path as I draw and split the paths around the page filling in the picture to draw it out. These hand drawn pencil mazes are quite difficult to solve with many branching paths that also merge back together to reduce the number of dead ends and confuse the solver even more. 😀   I use a nice thick paper because the pencil lead makes grooves (subtle but tangible) in the paper which helps me start and stop lines by feel, not just by sight.

In the beginning my wife, Jacqui, colored in a few of the mazes with colored lead mechanical pencils. The problem with the colored leads is that they only came in .07 size, and there were only 7 colors. We now color the mazes with Photoshop because we have a huge palette of colors to choose from. Photoshop really allows for much more creativity, and gives a margin to change colors completely, or maybe just lighten/darken a color until it’s just right.

hand drawn maze

Autumn Tree


It takes me approx 14-16 hours to draw the maze. Then there is another 10-12 hours in editing and coloring. They are great art pieces to look at – and when you want to get closer and see the details – then you can follow the maze.

We strive to continually have new mazes so please check back often to see what we have to offer. We will also be offering a hard bound book in the very near future! This book will contain our mazes and also some fun stories and poems to accompany them.

Our single sheet mazes are sturdy, printed on Card Stock paper, and the colorful 11×8.5 pages and can be purchased in the Store! $2.50 each!

Feel free to browse through our collection of mazes below, click each photo for a larger picture. 🙂

Click the TAB directly below to see mazes drawn with time lapse video.

Here’s a couple videos I made while drawing!


American Gothic, real time drawing:


USA Flag Map, time lapse:


Kitten and Butterfly, time lapse:


Unicorn Magic, time lapse: