So you’ve started a business – or you already have a business – and you want to add that certain lobby art that catches your customers’ attention, something to look at, fun to watch…

…and memorable.

If it had your business name on it, that would be even better!

Well search no more, an RBS marble run is a great and entertaining way to get your customers’ minds off of their worries while they wait, and make them remember you and your lobby art after they’ve left.

This will keep them thinking about you!

Also, consider a desktop model if you want something hands on.
Pick the marbles up from the bottom, place on top and watch them go!64CoolestToysA
Great for keeping the little kids distracted (but not too little, the balls are only 1″).
They may not even want to leave after playing with this marble run toy!

Here are some examples of my art in the corporate world:

Duramax Marine – Composite Bearings

This RBS has composite bearings added to it to show off their product at a prestigious trade show. The product: Marine application Composite Bearings. This Marble Run will be a PRIZE for some lucky attendee to the show. Click To View Video!

Trade Show –

This RBS was built to show how tracking and productivity can be calculated on an
assembly line. My job was to make the marble run compatible with their needs. They then took
my work and incorporated into it the sensors needed to show off their technology.
As a trade show exhibit this one would catch my eye for sure!
Click To View Video!

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

#88 Wall Mounted 4′ x 3′ – 1 3/8″ Marbles

Tutti Frutti
567 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA

Baseball Team – Team Smoke

This is a desktop sized Rolling Ball Sculpture Marble Run built for a baseball team titled “SMOKE”. The buyer wanted this piece to show off their team name at the annual trade shows. There’s a little baseball player at the top that belts out a home run every time – and you can watch the player “run the tracks”.
If you want to get someone to remember your name… this is the way to go!
22″h X 25″w X 24″d – With Chain lift and 1″ glass marbles.

Office – Lawyer

This RBS was built for a Lawyers office in Georgia.
He added an acrylic box to cover it after receiving it.
He says it does exaclty what he wanted; It keeps the children occupied and the
adults’ mind off of why they are there in the first place.
30″ square X 36″ high. 3 different tracks with 1-3/8″ glass marbles.

Alpaca Farmer!

Here’s one for an Alpaca Farmer.
He wanted a barn, some trees and Alpaces on his RBS. As well as the name of his farm –
“Alpaca Woods Ranch”.
He has an annual shearing of his animals that a lot of the town comes and participates in.
He wanted an extra special art piece to show off his animals and give the kids something to enjoy.
30″w X 20″d X 36″h All stainless steel, TIG welded. 1-3/8″ billiard balls

Trade Show – Sprinklers

Here’s a project I did for a trade show.
This one was built to show off automatic sprinklers.

Toy Store – Coolest Toys on Earth

This is one of my most complicated wall mounted Rolling Ball Sculptures. This marble run is in Ohio @ Coolest Toys on Earth.
This RBS is 6’x5′ with 5 different tracks.

Watch the video to see it’s full marble run coolness.

I would make excuses to go to this store more often if I lived closer!