Pinball Track Fabrication

Making the habitrails is a lot more complicated than it looks. (even to me lol).

Each and every bend and weld must be checked against the original, over and over to make sure it’s an exact copy.

To make things even more challenging, many of the habitrails have sheet metal mounts for figurines, light bars, and switches.

Also the main mounts for the habitrals themselves must be exact to ensure everything works just like the original piece.

These are made from 100% stainless steel that can be polished to look like chrome with a mirror finish. (Extra). Also, I’ve been told that my TIG welds are superior to the “spot” welds the manufacturer uses. These rails will go the extra mile.

If you are interested in having some habitrails made for a Pinball Track Fabrication / Restoration project you’re working on – I would need the original rails in hand to make a copy.

I do not have any MM ramps completed right now, but if you need a set, let me know. Once I have a couple ppl interested, I will do a short run and everyone will be happy! Especially your Pin. $325 – mild steel. $375 stainless steel. +$25 ship.

Want to know more about Pinball in general? Then this is the place for you: Pinside The BEST pin community on the internet.

These rails or habitrals below are for the pinball machine “Attack From Mars”. ┬áSee the video below for some fun information on both pins on this page.

Here is another GREAT pin I helped Wally rebuild. The pin is “Medieval Madness”. See pics below, click them to make larger. Thanks, Wally, for sending me these fantastic photos. Now let’s go play Pinball!!

See this youtube video below for some explanation and video of the Fan Favorite pinball machine in action.
This video explains a bit about BOTH pins here on my page. Watch this for some GREAT history about Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars pins.
Here’re two sets of Medieval Madness ramps in Stainless Steel.
All hand bent and permanently TIG welded.

Medieval Madness Pinball

Medieval Madness Pinball ramps


Medieval Madness Pinball

Medieval Madness Pinball ramps “bottom view”

Medieval Madness Pinball

Medieval Madness Pinball ramps “Top View”