Available to buy Rolling Ball Sculpture

SOLD! (Thanks, Nedlob!)
A new Clock Tower RBS (#246)

Send city and zip when inquiring for a shipping quote.

The RBS is completed – and is only waiting to be shined up. Watch the video below to get a feel for how it looks when in motion. This one is done and ready to find it’s forever home. If interested, please email information.

29″ high X 16″ deep and 18″ wide with 3 different tracks. 100% welded stainless steel. 1″ colorful glass marbles.

Track 1 – Loop d’ Loop track. 8 loops! w/ an inverted exit. (sooo 8-1/2 loops lol)
Track 2 – Tall Skinny Spiral – the marble spins up to warp speed!
Track 3 – The “Long” track – the track that weaves it’s way from top to bottom with several elements (twisty tracks, tipping arm, horizontal zig-zag, wavy tracks and “newton’s row”) and a run time of 30+ seconds.



Desktop RBS #245
18″ x 18″ x 18″

Finger operated lever releases the marbles onto two different tracks.

PRICE: $675 plus shipping.

Better video to be posted tomorrow after it has finished being cleaned. For now, check out this preliminary video.