Available to purchase Rolling Ball Sculpture

Hand Operated Tabletop RBS #253


36″ wide X 26″ high X 18″ deep
(Legs are 36″ X 12.5″)
1″ colorful glass marbles, included.
Durably and permanently TIG welded stainless steel.

Each RBS I make is completely unique – get it before it’s gone forever.

Three different tracks with a lever to release the marbles onto the tracks.
Pick the marbles up from the bottom and place them in the marble queue at the top.
Push the lever to release one, or all of the marbles at the same time.
All you’ll ever need is gravity.
100% stainless steel – this piece will never rust.

This one-of-a-kind RBS has a lot of fun tracks with a series of small dips, and a couple large dips.
A ball collector that can be adjusted to release with every ball,
or collect up to 4 before letting them go.
The loop d’ loop has 9 inversions with a backspin exit that slows the ball with
it’s own spin as it exits the loop with high speed.
LOTS of fun track with a run time of over 30 seconds!
And a combined run time of the 3 tracks over 1 minute.
All three tracks empty into the central spiral at the bottom to collect for final pickup.

But you don’t have to use your imagination… See it in motion below!