Available to buy Rolling Ball Sculpture

Wall Mounted, Hand Operated
Rolling Ball Sculpture #250

“Captures the Imagination and Frees the Mind.”

Price: $2465 – INCLUDES shipping in USA.
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This will likely be the only project I have for sale before Christmas.
Don’t wait – one of a kind handmade art – only happens one at a time.
Besides a few tools and jigs, I make all of the curves by with my bare hands.

See here the ULTIMATE in INTERACTIVE kinetic art. Fun for ALL ages!
This is the ONLY RBS I have for sale now.
28″ high X 22″ wide X 11″ deep. 100% welded stainless steel. It will never rust.
1″ colorful glass marbles, included.
This fun Kinetic Art Sculpture has a run time of over 30 seconds!
See video below to see it in action.

This is a finger operated wall mounted RBS that does not require any electricity to operate – just you and a bit of gravity.
Place the marbles in the queue at the top and push the lever to release one, a few, or all of the marbles at the same time. The marbles will take one of 3 paths on their journey to the bottom.

Track one: Is the Loop d Loop track with 9 loops and a reversal exit that leads directly into a “balls on track” element.
Track two: Is a tall vertical zig-zag track. The marbles make a fun tinkling noise as they wobble back and forth while descending inside the vertical zig-zag.
Track three: This is the long track that wraps around everything as it descends the RBS. On this track is 2 tipping arms, 2 horizontal zig-zag sections and lots of track with dips and sharp corners.
Watch RBS #250 below: