Free Standing


FREESTANDING Kinetic Art Rolling Ball Machines are larger pieces, normally placed on a floor, or short pedestal, and usually have a motorized lift that returns the ball automatically to the top. Freestanding size begins at approx. 3ft tall/wide on up, and usually has a square frame. Motorized or hand powered, they both use a larger ball – 1-1/2″.

With the larger size, you also get more elements and things to build because you have more space to build with. There are many different things that can be added to your project.

With this larger size, a chain lift is recommended. Because I can use the DC motor with the chain lift, it can be speed controlled. The Helical/Spiral lift however needs more power and I would have to use an AC motor. Sufficient for the job power-wise, but not speed controllable like the DC motor.
When looking at the YouTube videos below find what you like the most when watching the ball roll and glide down the tracks. Since everything I make is custom I will tailor the rolling ball machine to your tastes.

Adding a motor makes it Kinematic Art!

I have a lot of Rolling Ball Machine examples on YouTube, but I’ll pull some out for you here so you don’t have to go look. : )

The Globe – Rolling Ball Sculpture #255:
7ft tall x 4ft wide


Freestanding #212


Freestanding Tower – #238

Clocktower #243

Freestanding #203


Big Clocktower #246


Tabletop #254

Clocktower RBS #221

#163 Freestanding

#92 – 46w X 32″h – Three tracks



#94 – 4’h X 30″w – Two tracks

#95 – 30″h X 4’d – Four tracks

#83 – 4’w X 3’h – Three tracks

#76 – 4’w x 3’w – Four tracks

#74 – 4’h x 4’w – Three tracks

#73 – 6’h x 6’w – Four tracks

#72 – 4’w X 2.5’h – Three tracks