“How To” videos available

**More How To videos coming soon**

I have 3 different videos available to purchase. These are YouTube videos, I send you the link once purchased so you can view it as many times as you’d like, send me an email if interested.  Price for all 3 videos as a bundle: $55.00 – save $10.

I use 1/8″ stainless steel rod and a TIG welder in these videos, but the principles and ideas presented here can be used in many different mediums.

1. How to Make a Helical Lift, 45 minutes – I do use a Lathe, and the mounting pad is fabricated by an outside machinist. (get a motor with the pad already included) But I show all the parts I use, how to use them, and how to mount the lift on a frame. $35

2. How to Make a Track Spiral, 35 minutes – I show how I bend the coil, how to keep the coils in place for welding, and how to get the ball in and out smoothly. $20

3. Tools I commonly use, 13 minutes – I TIG weld, so most of my tools are for welding, but many of the things I use would be handy for any material you choose to build with. $10

Save by purchasing all 3 Videos at the same time. Video Bundle: $55.00 total. Send me an message/email of which videos you’d like to purchase I will email you an invoice from Square.com. I will then send the links asap after purchase. Once purchased, please don’t hesitate to ask additional questions you may have about your build.