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These how-to videos on making rolling ball sculpture are for someone using stainless steel and welding. Although, many of the principles and building techniques I show here can be adapted to other mediums.

The “Tools I Use” video covers a wide variety of items I use every day when making RBS. Keep in mind I weld, using a TIG welder.

The “How to Make a Helical Lift” shows how to make the spiral, what motors I recommend and why, what parts you will need to make and buy – and how to assemble everything on your RBS. This video has items that I have made with a lathe and milling machine. I do not show how to make these items, but i show how it works, and why they are necessary. The 2 items in question are the “Motor mounting pad” and the “Adapter piece” that connects the lift tubing to the shaft of the motor. The adapter piece is not necessary if you use a solid bar instead of tubing for the center of the lift.

The “How to Make a Track spiral” shows how I bend and weld the spiral to get nice curves, an even look, and the entrance/exit track smooth. I do use an aluminum jig to keep the spirals spaced correctly that was also made on a mill. But everything else can be done with a variety of materials with the same result. I bend the 1/8″ stainless steel rod by hand, I do not use any kind of jig to bend my corners.

The video is a DVD – .MOV format, and if you’d like a hard copy shipped to you, shipping is included, even for International orders. I’ll still email you the YouTube links, though.

Please make sure you put your Email address on the order form. If there is some problem, like I get the order, but not a paypal conformation for payment, then I won’t be able to contact you and let you know there might be an issue.

Have Fun and Happy Building!!

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