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The Boomsday Project

Not my latest project, but definitely the coolest that I have been involved in building. Most of my work is in the first half of the video – right up until the bowling ball, I didn’t build that section. 

Rolling Ball Sculpture is proud to announce my involvement in this promotion for Blizzard, the Hearthstone card game, a new card pack release: The Boomsday Project.

This was a terrific collaboration project to be a part of. I was responsible for the construction of the tracks for the two steel balls, the ball lift, and the tracks for the giant flaming tennis ball. Plus many other little odds and ends of welding magic where needed. I was part of a 4 man team to complete this magical machine. 

I would like to thank Adam Sadowsky of Syyn Labs who brought all of us together. His love of my work allowed me to travel around the country for RBS.

Adam passed this August, 2021. Rest in peace, Brother. I will miss you. 
Boomsday Project will be the last thing I build for you, Adam. *sniffle*

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Matthew Gaulden

Handmade Rolling Ball Sculpture – Whimsical Physics!

I’ve been creating custom Rolling Ball Sculptures since 2005 and have built over 300 unique pieces. I can create anything that you desire from a small desktop to a very large project that fits your needs and wants.  If you are purchasing for a business, company, as a gift, or need/want personalization of any kind, I can spell out your business name or personal name in wire. These kinetic sculptures would be a wonderful addition to any waiting room or setting where one can come and watch. Rolling ball sculptures draw the attention of ALL AGES. 

All of my Marble Run’s are custom so please get creative! Most of my pieces have been commissioned, so they are each unique to the individual buyer. If you see something that you like, let me know so I can create it for you. You can design and have any size or shape you envision. I am open to all of your input and inspiration. I’ve posted a lot of videos and pictures here, and if you want more, visit my YouTube channel.

These Marble Runs are a great addition to many different situations. They are used in waiting areas… Give your customers something to watch. They are popular in hospitals, lawyers offices, businesses, restaurants and even libraries.. They are also great for Trade Shows and Exploration Museums! Anywhere you want peoples’ attention, or need someone entertained, and RBS is always moving. A marble run also provides great background noise. A perfect way to keep conversations private if you happen to have thin walls, or cubicles that don’t block sound well. The marbles on track provide a nice white noise that is very effective, drawing attention to the marbles rolling on the tracks, through tipping arms and assorted elements, around spirals and back to the lift.

Watch with wonder as the mesmerizing movement of colored marbles cycle through, and change patterns within these ever moving sculptures. Having a motorized automatic marble lift gives these sculptures a pulse. The ball-lift’s mechanical energy is transferred to a rhythmic and synchronized, yet scattered and chaotic colorful mix of moving marbles. The effect makes tracking marbles more fun and entertaining! This is what kinetic art is supposed to be. Rolling Ball Machine, simply put, is a roller coaster just for marbles. A two rail track twists and turns its way around, through, under and sometimes over any number of elements and surprises. If you want to see more, and see all of my current work when uploaded – subscribe to my YouTube Channel