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    6ft high X 6ft wide X 18First, decide whether it needs to be Freestanding, Wall mounted or a portable small Desktop size. Choose either a Chain Lift or Helical Lift. The small desktops can have a finger release, and don’t need electricity, or a mechanical lift.

    I will send you a PRICE GUIDE and we’ll talk about your needs and wants before you commission what you desire.

    Get the ball rolling and order the rolling ball sculpture your space deserves.

    All my projects are made from 100% Stainless Steel, you will never have to worry about rust. I neatly and permanently TIG weld all connections. The small desktops have 1″ glass marbles rolling on the tracks. Larger projects can also have 1″ marbles or I can use the larger miniature billiard balls or other balls depending on your specific needs.

    6ft high X 6ft wide X 18

    In addition to a complete commissioned project – I can also build you parts or pieces as needed for your own projects. For instance, I have shipped a half dozen motorized lifts that the customer installed themselves on their own project. Such as a Mini Golf course – they have all the parts they need, except for the ball lift.

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