Something to know:

Metal expands and contracts according to the temperature. If the RBS is enjoyed in an area that has temperature fluctuations this can affect how the ball behaves. Also, you might find you encounter inconsistent performance in a climate where there is a lot humidity, moisture on the balls will affect their performance. Keep this in mind, especially when first turning on your new RBS. Or if it has not been run in a while, dust can build up on the tracks and slow the ball – causing performance issues. Please contact me immediately if you need help with any of this.

The balls get stuck on the track. What do i do?

This can happen for any number for reasons. First check to make sure your RBS is perfectly level. Next pinpoint any areas where the ball might be getting slowed down. Small bends to the metal is perfectly acceptable to correct any issues. If you think any larger bends are needed or if you feel like this is beyond your scope of knowledge, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. A picture of the problem area is a must, and a short video is even better.