Before building rolling ball sculpture I drew mazes. I spent countless hours creating mazes in school – listening to the teacher while creating intricate paths with pencil on paper. I picked it up again in my late 20’s. 

I start with the picture I want tracing it onto the paper.  Then I use the maze paths to bring out the picture and fill in the page.

Once the maze is completed I scanned it into the computer and using Photoshop I would edit and perfect all of the paths. Photoshop allowed me to keep the dark lines, and eliminate everything else, cleaning up the paths considerably. 

Still using Photoshop I would go over the entire maze section by section to make sure there were no orphaned paths or tiny gaps in the paths. Finally I’d color in everything that was a maze path – revealing the final picture. 

ALL mazes are solvable – but very, very difficult. Good luck!