“The Hourglass”
Let one marble go and as each one reaches the bottom it releases the next one. Kind of like an hourglass sand timer. 
 Every piece I make is completely hand made and one of a kind. No two are every alike… even when I try. 
This semi-automatic desktop has two tracks. Track one is the Loop d’ Loop with 6 inversions. The marble exits the loops at high speed into a stationary marble, exchanges places with it, and rolls into a serpentine track section. Then it’s onto the release handle to let the next marble in the queue go.

Track two starts off with 16 feet of pure track. Back and forth and circling the frame the ball rolls smoothly until the first tipping arm. Then into the first serpentine track, a short section of track, then into the second tipping arm. Next, the second serpentine track, then back to the marble release handle to let the next marble go.

Semi-automatic means that when you release a marble onto either of the two tracks, therefore when it reaches the bottom, the marble itself pushes the handle and releases the next marble in line at the top automatically. Marbles will continue to be released until all of the marbles in the queue at the top are exhausted. You can press the lever as often as you like by hand if you want to see more than one marble rolling on the tracks.

Take all of the marbles at the bottom, place them at the top by hand and by releasing just one marble, all of the marbles will get a go on the tracks, automatically! NO power needed, just gravity. For that reason you can take it wherever you want to go! And the stainless steel will never rust.

My personal review:
Very soothing and Zen, this is a very fun piece to have on a table next to the couch. Let a marble go to get it rolling and the fun begins. Enjoy the rolling ball as it takes on the tracks, releasing the waiting marbles one by one when it reaches the bottom with a nice *chakunk* sound as the lever is quickly pressed. At your own pace, just refill the queue at the top to ensure it continues – kind of like a grandfather clock that needs winding.
The curved handle at the top makes it easy to carry around.

Watch this video to see it in motion-

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