Semi Automatic Gravity RBS #264

Each piece is completely handmade and 100% unique. Made exclusively with 304 stainless steel – it will never rust. 

Two different tracks keep the action fun and entertaining. Place all 52 marbles in the queue at the top, press the lever and the bottom, and watch the Kinetic Sculpture run all on it’s own. Each time a marble reaches the bottom it presses a lever releasing the next marble in line at the top. This repeats until all of the marbles in the queue are exhausted. 

Check out the 5 inversion loop d’ loop, 3 feet of horizontal zig-zag track, over 16 feet of pure track, 2 tipping arms, and an automatic release mechanism. The handle at the top makes for easy portability. 

Here’s a quick, terrible video. The extra noise is that it’s been raining and my shop has a metal roof. I’ll get better video by tomorrow once it’s been cleaned of all the dark weld stains.