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Swinging Rod

25″h X 18″w X 12d – THREE tracks – chain lift

Swinging Rod

This small tabletop has three tracks squeezed into its frame. It’s only 25″ high X 18″ wide X 12″ deep – not much room to work with. And when making an RBS it’s harder to bend the rails when you’re constantly keeping them inside a small frame like this. The loop d’ loop is turned to the side to fit inside. There is a hanging rod on the loop d’ loop track – this swinging rod is there to slow the ball down. The ball takes a small dip down before dropping down the ramp – but the ball is spinning the wrong direction once it makes the sharp corner before the drop. This small hanging rod slows the ball so it can orient itself and make it around the loops as it’s supposed to. Sometimes, you have to make small adjustments to make the ball behave as it should.

The tall skinny coil stretches from the top all the way to the bottom collector plate -gaining speed all the way down before shooting up a steep ramp, stopping and then reversing back into the flat plate. The long track has a spiral, some twisty, curvy tracks a ball collector tipping arm, wavy (bumpy) track – another tipping arm to separate the balls and then two sections of horizontal zig-zag. All three tracks meet up in the flat plate to collect and merge into one track for the chain lift. I love these small projects! It’s challenging but fun to make RBS into a small package like this.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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