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A Big Personality

32″w X 28″h X 14″d – FOUR tracks – chain lift

Wall Mounted
A Big Personality

Three tracks of fun! 1″ glass marbles roll on the tracks and are lifted back to the top by the chain lift. Track one is the loop d’ loop that has the marbles own backspin slow it down on exiting the loops. The track two is a tall skinny coil – the ball is exiting very fast and hits a “marbles on track” element that trades places with the incoming ball.

And track three starts with a ball collecting tipping arm. The tipping arm is adjustable to that it can tip with just one ball. Or by adding balls to the counter-weight basket will collect as many as three balls before releasing them. These balls roll through a flat spiral and then around and around before entering a regular tipping arm. This tipping arm separates the balls so they can roll through the horizontal zig-zag tracks and not hit each other. All three of these tracks meet up at the flat steel plate. They are collected into one track for their trip back up the chain lift.

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