CSI NY - Season 6, episode 22 "Point of View"

I created for this particular episode a desktop RBS. Gary Sinese is home with a bum leg for a few days and the viewer gets to see what his home life is like. It turns out the he is a fan of kinetic art. The desktop I created sits atop a dresser that Gary pulls a gun out of near the end of the episode.  Too bad they don’t actually play with the sculpture I provided… but still very awesome to have it on TV. This episode stars: Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Carmine Giovinazzo, Anna Belknap.

I created the tracks for this PSA for the University of Florida.​

In reality, I created a very large 6ft x 6ft x 6ft motorized RBS where the tracks wrapped around the entire large frame. They asked for 4 places on the tracks where an everyday item could bridge a gap in the tracks to keep the ball rolling. I was surprised to see that they did not use the majority of the tracks in the video shoot – and even removing tracks from the frame to use in nature. Check out the final shoot below. 

Have you seen ELEMENTARY on CBS starring Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller?

And did you wonder who made the ball track pieces for the opening credits of Elementary on CBS? I created them! 

The studio ordered 5 stand-alone parts total, below are pictures of 3 of the parts I made for them, along with some videos.

Not only are the credits fun to watch… so is the show! Catch it now on HULU. Fun fact, there are no opening credits in the first episode.