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How It Started

From my childhood days beside Kelsey Creek, I've been drawn to the mesmerizing dance of movement. With my loyal, four-legged companion Hershey, I explored the creek, captivated by its flowing waters transforming the landscape. I'd dam up the stream with rocks and sand to redirect its flow and marvel at its adaptability.


This fascination with natural motion stayed with me. The relentless flow of water, shaping its course, inspired my love for creations that move independently. And from those moments of exploration, my journey with kinetic art began.

Imagine a $6 thrift store find sparking a lifelong passion. The 'Spacewarp Black Wolf' my brother Larry gave me was an old plastic Rolling Ball Sculpture, a world of tracks, coils, and mesmerizing elements.

Years later, my quest for Spacewarp parts unveiled the world of metal Rolling Ball Sculptures (RBS). An 'Aha!' moment struck, leading me to craft structures using metal—shifting from soldering to TIG welding stainless steel for durability.




Welding became my language to merge steel into intricate sculptures. The permanence and strength of stainless steel welding fueled my artistic journey—a process of envisioning, shaping, and transforming metal into reality.

350+ RBS designs later, the journey has been extraordinary. From humble beginnings, my art has reached diverse corners of the globe, featured in TV shows, million-dollar projects, science centers, and more.

The joy lies in creating wonders from raw materials—art that entertains and mesmerizes all ages. My mission is to craft your dream RBS, tailored and unique, fulfilling your vision of owning kinetic art.

Ready to turn your dream into a kinetic reality? Let's collaborate. Share your vision to craft a custom Rolling Ball Sculpture that's uniquely yours.

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