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Pinball Ramp Reproductions

Make new or copy existing pinball ramps or habitrails.

Looking to make your own pinball machine from scratch? Or have you been looking to copy originals for a machine you’re working on. Well, those peskty ramps are impossible to find if you need it to be custom or the machine is no longer produced. Look no further. I can TIG weld you the ramps you need – and make them look pretty. I use 1/8″ stainless steel rods. Once cleaned up from their weld stains these rails will stay shiny.

For custom ramps, I would need a drawing of the ramp 1:1 that I print out and use to lay the rails on top of to bend to their exact shape. I’d need the mount locations called out and if there is an elevation change from mount to mount. Meaning, will your ramp be flat? Or does it have a hill bent into it?

If you need me to copy rails that you already have then I would need the original ramps sent to me for copying. Using them as a guide I bend the ramps to exactly match the originals, bend for bend, mount for mount.

Typically, the rails start at $125 each, but can be less for short ones. More if they have a hill in them, more complex shapes/mounts, or are very long. As you know, some ramps are very complicated with the number of mounts and other add-ons that can be attached to them for other uses.

Send me a message, and we can talk about what you need.


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