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Rolling Ball Sculpture Elements

Rolling Ball Sculpture elements you can choose for your Kinetic art project

Here is a list of the possible Rolling Ball Sculpture elements I can include in your piece of kinetic art. This list is not exhaustive – if you see something you like on another RBS please let me know; I can build anything Rolling Ball Sculpture into your art piece.

Chain Lift

An automatic ball lift. This lift is a continuous chain with marble pickups spaced out to pick up a marble at the bottom and release at the top. Advantage is you can group pickups for action that is not the same rhythm or timing.

Helical Lift

Tipping Arm

Multiple Ball Track Switch

Flat Spiral

Loop d’ Loops

Track Switch

Marbles on Track

Horizontal Zig-Zag

Vertical Zig-Zag

Tall Skinny Coil

Wavy Track

Teeter-Totter catch and release

Large Track Dip

Ferris Wheel Lift

Multiple Ball Tipping arm ball collector

Free Spinning Tipping Arm

Large Flat Spiral

Very Large Spinner

Tall Skinny Spiral


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