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Abbvie booth at AAN Boston

13 feet high X 110 feet of track – Chain lift

Abbvie booth at AAN Boston

This trade show RBS was built for abbive for their booth. The idea for this build was for the people who came up to the booth to pick from the colored balls in the jars the reason they got into neurology. Each color represented a different reason. They would take the ball and place it on the spiral track in the middle of the jars. It would spiral around before dropped into the cabinet. Inside the cabinet tracks would lead the ball over to the 14 foot chain lift. At the top of the lift the ball is dropped into a long circular track that is suspended above the booth over everyone’s head.

At the end of the track the ball drops into a vacuum formed brain. There the balls are collected so the next person can see how many of each color has been collected and easily see how many of each color has been deposited by other people.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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