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Doctor's Office Lobby

84″h X 48″w X 24″d – THREE tracks – Chain lift – Used in lobby of a Doctor’s office

Doctor's Office Lobby

This very large Rolling Ball Sculpture was built for a doctor’s office. Doctor Mark is a doctor who deals with metal health issues and wanted an art piece that would capture the patient’s attention and give them something to focus on while being treated.

This RBS has a lot of fun curvy, twisty track three connected tight loop d’ loops sections, tall coils, and a marble collector that is built do resemble scales. They fill up one side of the scale and when enough weight is present are dumped back onto the tracks to keep rolling. There’s the “balls on track” element hidden in a piece of large tubing – so an orange ball goes in one end, and a different color rolls out the other end. Fun!

“Doctor Mark” is included on two tipping arms to make his name rock up and down with each marble that activates the tipping arm. I love to make unusual projects with fun elements. They are the amazing to watch.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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