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Hanging Birdcage

51″h X 18″w X 18″d – ONE track – Chain lift – Bird Cage survived hurricane Katrina and converted into RBS for entire family to enjoy.

Wall Mounted
Hanging Birdcage

This might be one of my most unusual RBS’s I have built. The birdcage was from Hurricane Katrina. One of the few things that the family was able to salvage from their home after the water receded and they were able to return to their ruined house. I was asked to build an RBS that would fit inside so they could enjoy the cage, and remember their time in New Orleans, and what this cage represented to them.

The RBS was built so that it could be inserted from the bottom and screw into the top of the cage. With a speed-controlled chain lift, it fed the one track inside – which was all there was room for. There are two “balls on track” elements, a tipping arm, and lots of twisty-turny tracks. On low, the cage would remain nearly motionless. If you turned up the speed of the chain lift, the rolling ball inside would make the cage turn around from the ball’s movement because of the turns of the tracks inside.

This one has 1-1/2″ miniature billiard balls, and lots of nostalgic memories.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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