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5 tracks with a Multi-Switch

48″h X 36″w X 24″d – FIVE tracks – Multi switch – Chain lift

Floor Standing
5 tracks with a Multi-Switch

A multi-switch is the best way to split one track into 5. The switch works by directing the ball into track 1 and flipping a switch. The next ball rolls by track one, rolls into track two and flips a switch. The next ball rolls by 1 and 2, drops into track three and flips a switch. Same with track 4, flipping a switch as the ball enters. Once the ball gets to track 5 it resets all the switches, so the next ball rolls into track 1 and the process repeats.

The one drawback to this switch system is that the number of balls on each track is evenly distributed. So, if I have an element that needs to reset before the next ball arrives, I cannot use it on the RBS with this switch system.

This RBS has a lot to offer. Tall skinny coil, two loop d’ loop sections. A ball collecting tipping arm, regular tipping arms, lots of track – wavy track, large dips, flats spirals, hairpin corners, a small section of vertical zig-zag track – all of this stuffed into a small space. This project uses 1-1/4″ miniature billiard balls and a speed-controlled chain lift.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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