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Sound of Music

24″h X 36″w X 10″d – TWO tracks – Helical lift – Plays the first 7 notes of “Sound of Music”

Wall Mounted
Sound of Music

“The hills are alive with the Sound of Music”
This wall mounted rolling ball sculpture was commissioned to play the first few notes of the song – “Do Re Mi” from that movie. This was quite challenging to do. The marble had to strike the keys of the xylophone note and then bounce off quickly. If it rolled across it would deaden the sound – so it had to hit and jump across the notes very fast. This wall mounted RBS has two tracks – One track was the song, and the other was for fun. I created all of the notes used in the background myself out of sheet metal and the rods I use for the tracks.

This is an older project and I use MUCH quieter motors these days. It is loud, isn’t it? My camera also seems to amplify the sounds – and having this on a wooden wall doesn’t help. Still, enjoy the creativity of it!

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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