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Manually released marbles

26″h x 26″w x 11″d – FOUR tracks – Manually operated ball release

Wall Mounted
Manually released marbles

While I’ve built a good number of manually released rolling ball sculptures, I’ve rarely made them to hang on the wall. Take the marbles and place them in the queue at the top and there they wait for you to press the handle and release them. Release one, two or all of them as it pleases you onto one of the four tracks. See here a vertical zig-zag on the left. A loop d’ loop that cuts through the center. A tall skinny coil which has the ball exit very fast into a “balls on track” element. And the long track which has come nice wavy track, a tipping arm and several hair pin turns as it weaves in and out of the other elements. Pick up the balls, place them back at the top and repeat as often as you like.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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