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Highly Personalized

84″h X 84″w X 12″d – FOUR different tracks – RING lift – Highly personalized with the buyer’s life shown in 12 different themes along the tracks

Highly Personalized

This very large Rolling Ball Sculpture is one of my most personalized projects. It is also the only one where I have built a rotating metal ring to lift the balls from the bottom to the top. It was complicated to get the ball pickups to raise up at the bottom to avoid the motor mechanism and then tip again at the top the release the ball onto the tracks.

The personalization is a story of how this couple met and their life up to the point of making this RBS. First is the Williams arch in Williams, Ca. Next is the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco, Ca. The next items are a bicycle with spinning wheels, snorkeling mask with swimming fish, and the Christian College, PLNU, where they met. After that was getting married. In this item, the bride moves up to kiss the groom. We have an angel and a skier coming down a steep snowy mountain. Next up is the house they now own, with the bright sun rising up behind it. Then, their family. The youngest, holding a snake and jumping up and down. Next is Disneyland castle and finally a large cruise ship.

All of these personalized items have a ball rolling through them or activating them to move.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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