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1″ Miniature Billiards Balls

53″w X 29″h X 11″d – FOUR tracks – Chain lift

Wall Mounted
1″ Miniature Billiards Balls

Chain lift powered Rolling Ball Sculpture with 1″ miniature billiard balls. The three fast tracks are easy to spot on this sculpture. The tall coil on the left. The tall vertical zig-zag in the middle. And the 10 inversion loop d’ loop that cuts through the center of this open sculpture. Track 4 starts out with a long horizontal zig-zag that leads into a ball collector. The ball collector can be adjusted to tip with one, two, three or four balls by adding or subtracting from the counter-weight basket. Next up on this track is the flat spiral and then lots of back and forth tracks filling in the entire RBS. A couple sections of wavy track lead them back to the lift. A fun aspect of this RBS is the way the ball roll uphill before rolling back to the lift.

I eventually stopped using any billiards because they get so dirty. They were good because they could hit each other all day long and never chip or break… but the dirt was easy to collect and hard to remove.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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