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The Golden Sun Clock

24″h X 30″w X 11″d – THREE tracks – Chain lift – Working Clock painted gold

Wall Mounted
The Golden Sun Clock

This rolling ball sculpture started out with just a simple clock. When I got finished with the clock, I thought that it would look even better if I were to make it into a sun. So, I added the flames around the outside to give it the perfect look. Add some gold paint to the numbers and sunbursts and voila! A golden sun clock – and don’t miss the moon hiding out on the upper right. The best part about adding clocks to my projects is that it gives you something more to look at when you don’t have the sculpture in motion.

This particular RBS has three tracks – one fast track, the tall skinny coil on the far right and two long tracks – each with a ball collector. See some horizontal zig-zag a couple spirals, some dips in the tracks and lots of back and forth action. Great movement with a great clock… it’s RBS time lol.

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