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Laser-cut Dog, Horses and Monkey

48″h X 36″w X 12″d – THREE tracks – Chain lift – Highly personalized for the buyer

Wall Mounted
Laser-cut Dog, Horses and Monkey

Why year of the RBS? Because the family I made this RBS for wanted it to be based on the 12-year Chinese calendar. The dad is the year of the dog. Mom and daughter are year of the horse, and the son is the year of the monkey. My son was taking metal shop in high school and he laser cut these for me. I painted them. All four of them move from the action of the balls weight.

Two loop d’ loop sections, lots of wavy track, some track dips, flat spirals, vertical zig-zag, ball collecting tipping arms and so much action make this RBS come alive.

The hardest part of this build was making the chimes sound. I thought of having the ball roll into them… but that never really was a good idea. I finally decided to make them rock up and down to have the bars hit each other for a wonderful tinkly sound.

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