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Balls on Track

32″h X 32″w X 24″d – THREE tracks – Chain lift

Balls on Track

This very table-top friendly RBS is very wide – but not deep/thick so that it sits on a table against a wall very comfortably without taking up much space. Three tracks on this tabletop have a loop d’ loop with 10 inversions -and the ball ends into a line of stationary balls – i call that element “balls on track”. 10 inversions is the limit of what I can build with my 12-foot pieces of metal. The next fast track would be a tall skinny coil. The long track has ball collecting tipping arm, a regular tipping arm, horizontal zig-zag, a flat spiral, wavy track, and lots of great back and forth tracks. All three tracks merge into one track to line up for another trip back up the chain lift.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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