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Kimpton Hotel Lobby

78″h X 54″w X 12″d – THREE tracks – Kimpton Hotel, Portland, Oregon – Placed next to bar in Lobby

Kimpton Hotel Lobby

I'm especially proud of this customized Rolling Ball Sculpture I built for the Kimpton Hotel in Portland, Oregon. This tall RBS is situated next to the bar in the main lobby. I had great fun building the grapes and vines with leaves, and adding a couple wineglasses for that bar tie-in. One of the wine glasses is a tipping arm, one has a wine glass for a counterweight and one of the grape bunches is also a counterweight of a tipping arm – swaying gently back and forth each time they are activated by a ball.

This one has three tracks. See the tall skinny coil, the tall vertical zig-zag and the loop d’ loop. All of the tracks on this RBS have 3 rails, one middle rail that the ball rolls on, and two guard rails on each side for perfect operation. Since this one is behind glass, it would not be easy to clear jams if ever they occurred.

The chain lift brings the balls to the top for their trip down the tracks. There are several flat spirals, lots of curvy and straight tracks and two long sections of horizontal zig-zag tracks.

I drove this one to Portland myself and delivered it in person. The hotel was beautiful and had a wonderful stay. If ever in Portland and you need a room, consider the Kimpton Hotel, downtown.

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