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28″h X 24″w X 24″h – THREE tracks – Chain lift – Working clock – main track has 40 second run time


Clocks are very fun to create. I was asked by my dad, Ed, many years ago to make him and mom a clock. I said, “Sure, I can make you a clock” although I had never made one before. I created a little square that was my font sizer. I made each number to fit inside the square so each number would be the same size. 5-1’s, 2-2’s, a zero, and 3 thru 9 make up the clock numbers. Create a circle in the middle that holds the clock works and Presto! a clock face. Once I built him this clock, I decided to add it to several of my projects because they add a nice effect to the RBS itself – Something more to look at when the RBS is not in motion. I painted this clock to help it stand out and be noticed.

This RBS has quite a bit going on. There’s lots of track packed into this small space. The two fast tracks are a vertical zig-zag and the loop d’ loop. The loop d’ loop wraps around the frame on two sides. The third track is very long wrapping the entire scupture many times with as much track as I could build into the space that I had. Lots of turns and curves, horizontal zig-zag sections, a couple small dips, “balls on track”, and some wavy track sections. I tried my best to keep the tracks from in front of the clock, so it was as readable as possible. It’s 38 seconds from top to bottom on the long track.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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