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One of a Kind Element

60″h X 48″w X 18″d – FIVE tracks – TWO Chain lifts

Floor Standing
One of a Kind Element

This very tall RBS has just about everything you’d want in an RBS. With TWO chain lifts, each one can be independently speed controlled you can choose the speed you want for the action you desire. With 6 different tracks there is a lot going on.
The two long coils each get a marble at the same time from a tipping arm that collects two balls and releases them side by side.

There are two flat plates that let the marbles roll around freely before exiting. The second on the two plates is curved allowing the ball to roll back and forth before exiting. Once they do, they turn a spinning wheel which also lifts a ball that rolls on its very own enclosed track.

The two loops d’ loops each exit and activate a complicated series of tipping arms. These 4 tipping arms are connected. When a ball enters the tipping arm it falls from one arm to another. As it does, each arm pushes a ball up and out – into play. The top arm’s ball rolls to the second arm, the second arms ball rolls to the third arm, the third arms ball rolls to the fourth arm, and the fourth arms ball rolls out and back to the lift. Each of the tracks that connect the arms together have a horizontal zig-zag track to slow the ball down and make sure there is time for the arm to reset before the ball arrives.

This element has to be set up correctly. The two loop d’ loop sections each feed half of this elements balls. One loop d’ loop feeds the side that has the balls pushed into play by the arm, and the other loop feeds the ball in that activates the arms. A super cool element to watch – this is the only RBS that has this unique feature.

Four of the six tracks roll into the large wooden bowl at the bottom to be dropped through the center and back to the lift.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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