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What Time Is It?

31″h X 17″w X 17″d – THREE tracks – working clock – Chain lift

What Time Is It?

Clocks are very fun to create. I was asked by my dad, Ed, many years ago to make him and mom a clock. I said, “Sure, I can make you a clock” although I had never made one before. I created a little square that was my font sizer. I made each number to fit inside the square so each number would be the same size. 5-1’s, 2-2’s, a zero, and 3 thru 9 make up the clock numbers. Create a circle in the middle that holds the clock works and Presto! a clock face. Once I built him this clock, I decided to add it to several of my projects because they add a nice effect to the RBS itself – Something more to look at when the RBS is not in motion.

This clock project has two track splitters and three tracks. See a loop d’ loop curved around the frame, a skinny coil, a tipping arm, “balls on track”, wavy tracks, horizontal zig-zag track, and lots of curvy fun track. All three tracks meet up back at the chain lift to be raised back to the top for another ride down the tracks.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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