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48″w X 36″h X 11″d – ONE track – Semi Automatic ball release – Custom made for 10to1pr – items added are 3D printed

Wall Mounted

Josh, at, contacted me to help them build a physical representation of how many stories they have created for their clients. I had a 3D printer and told Josh that I could definitely help him with his vision. He wanted each marble to represent a single story. So, I made him a semi-automatic RBS that would line up the “stories” in the marble queue at the top. Releasing one marble, it would roll down the track and when it reached the tipping arm, release the next one. I created the themes on my 3D printer to show how each story might be represented in real life.

First is his spinning logo, the white circle. Next up are three bells that rang out the 3 notes of the NBC audio trademark. Then the ball would roll over a whisker switch that would light up an “on air” box, like you see in a TV studio. In the center of the RBS are blocks that can be changed to show the month and day of the year. The ball then spun around a “BREAKING” sign above the word NEWS.

After that is another whisker switch activated by the ball that would light up flash bulbs around a press conference. The ball then would make his motto rock back and forth. The motto says, “It takes 10 good things said about your company to take away 1 bad”. The ball rolls past a “Print/Online” sign, a tipping arm rocks a TV, spins around a microphone and then spins around a Social Media carousel. The carousel has the Thumbs up from Facebook, the Twitter bird, and an Instagram logo.

Finally, the ball rolls into some pipe, and drops out through a water spigot into a container.

Josh said he would be lining up the containers to show all of the stories they have created in a very real, visual way.

Some of the 3D prints I created my self, some of them were taken off of Thingiverse as free files.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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