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Twisty & Satisfying

18″h X 18″w X 18″d – THREE tracks – Manually Released balls

Twisty & Satisfying

A classic desktop – I have built many of these, all of them the same size and with the same elements, but every one of them different in their own way. Load the marbles into the top queue and then line up, waiting to be released. Press the handle at the bottom to release one, two or all of the marbles, you get to choose. They marbles enter the track splitter taking one track and making it two. Track one has a loop d’ loop. Track two has a flat spiral, a tipping arm, a horizontal zig-zag and lots of twisty fun track. The two track meet head on at the bottom – hitting into each other in a very satisfying way.

This desktop has a wire depiction of a “pump jack” the pumps you see in southern California that pull oil out of the ground. This was on request, and gift from a wife to her husband who works in the oil industry.

Perfect for any place because these do not need power, just a level surface and gravity to operate.

As always 100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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