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Backspin & Backflip

32″h X 22″w X 18″d – THREE tracks – Chain lift

Backspin & Backflip

This fun tall desktop is motorized with a chain lift to keep the action continuous. There are three tracks on this desktop rolling ball sculpture. Two track switches take the initial release track from the lift and split it into three. Track one gets 50% of the marbles and the other two track get 25% of the marbles each. Check out track one wtih a tall skinny coil and shoots the ball into a vertical zig-zag. Track two is a loop d’ loop that has the ball slow down on exit using the ball’s backspin. Track three is the long track. This track has a ball collector that is adjustable – which means you can have it tip with 1 marble, 2 marbles or three marbles. This track has lots of fun dips and curves that lead into a standard tipping arm and then into a horizontal zig-zag. All three tracks merge into one to line up for their trip back up the lift and back onto the tracks.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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