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Tetrahedron Teeter Totter

36″h X 31″w X 18″d – FOUR tracks – chain lift

Tetrahedron Teeter Totter

Start with the tetrahedron frame, tall and skinny. Add the chain lift. Next add the entrance to the lift track and then the exit track from the top of the lift. Install the track switches and you’re ready to build your tracks! This RBS has several very cool features. With three track splitters there are 4 different tracks to watch.

The loop d’ loop jumps into a basket. There’s another almost loop that curves the ball up onto a higher track.

The ball exchanging teeter-totter is a fun element. The ball rolls over the teeter totter and then becomes captures under it. The next ball tips the teeter totter and frees the captured ball – but in turn becomes trapped itself… waiting for the next ball to release it back into play. Exiting the teeter-totter the ball rolls through a couple sections of horizontal zig-zags and then into some curves and corners.

The skinny spiral captures the ball at the bottom and spins it around until it gets tired and then drops through.

All of these tracks converge into the steel plate and get sent back to the lift for another trip down the tracks.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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