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Round & Round

40″w X 36″h X 10″d – THREE tracks – chain lift

Wall Mounted
Round & Round

This is one of the rolling ball sculptures that I made and put up for sale – not a commission. I’ve done circles for the frame before and did it again on this one. Bending up a bunch of circles with my ring roller, I arranged them so the biggest circles with are on the bottom and get smaller as they go to the top.

This RBS has three tracks. The tall coil track and the loop d’ loop track are connected. The loop track gets caught in the teeter totter ball catcher. When the tall coil track’s ball rolls over the teeter totter it releases the ball into the loops. Once it rolls over the teeter totter that ball goes right into the coil.

The third track has an awesome flat plate that is on a pivot. The far end is attached to the sprocket that lifts and drops it as the sprocket turns. Watch as the balls get caught in the plate rolling back and forth – sometimes exiting and sometimes not. I think this is the first tilting plate I have built – but it is included on a couple other rolling ball sculptures.

The chain lift can be sped up or slowed down to fit your mood – which also affects the tilting plate.

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