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The Pretzel

48″w X 36″h X 12″d. FOUR tracks – chain lift – 1-1/2″ balls

Wall Mounted
The Pretzel

This is one of my favorite rolling ball sculptures. This is also one of the first RBS’s where I started to build a full frame whether if it was a wall mounted to tabletop RBS. Up to this point, I normally made my wall mounted RBS’s with an “internal” frame and built around it. The best part, for me anyway, is that I can make a wall mounted RBS and place it on my welding table as I build, instead of only having it mounted to the wall while I weld on tracks and elements. Using 1-1/2″ acetyl resin balls and lots of stainless steel I created this 4 track sculpture.

The loop d’ loop curves back on itself in a nice pretzel-like shape. The tall skinny coil directs the ball into a large spinner. The ball collector releases the balls, so they go around and turn a large wheel. The wheel, once turned, raises a separate ball that runs on it’s very own exclusive track that returns to the wheel waiting to be lifted again. See also some great wavy track, a flat spiral, a couple regular tipping arms and lots of track that weaves in and out of the elements.

Because of the plastic balls this one is very quiet, and the movements are mesmerizing. Probably one if my top 5 favorite RBS’s I’ve ever built.

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