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DRAPL – Wizards Den

48″w X 24″h X 12″d – THREE tracks – chain lift – Custom personalized for DARPL pinball league – 1-1/2″ balls

Wall Mounted
DRAPL – Wizards Den

I was asked to build a Rolling Ball Sculpture for DRAPL – Durham Region Amateur Pinball Leage. They call themselves the “WizardsDen”. The four tracks on this project are the 1. Tall Coil track. 2. The Loop d’ Loop track. 3. The single marble long track and 4. The ball collector long track.

These 4 tracks are my usual way to build. Each track gives me different options on what kind of elements I can build and include in my work.

See on this one: Horizontal zig-zag, large spinner, flat spiral, “balls on track”, wavy tracks and lots of great normal tracks that weave in and out of all the elements I have built. All four tracks merge together into a flat plate that funnels them back to the chain lift. 1-1/2″ acetyl resin balls keep it quiet.

Personalized for the good players at the “Wizards Den” with a pinball machine on the left and the large letters DRAPL on the right, made up of my stainless rod metal.

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