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Kinematic Art

48″w X 40″h X 12″d – FOUR tracks – chain lift

Wall Mounted
Kinematic Art

Three track splitters take the one track from the lift and turn it into four. Lots of fun in this rolling ball sculpture. The chain lift brings the 1-1/2″ acetyl resin balls from the bottom to the top for continuous action. The most prominent element is the “Ferris Wheel lift” in the left center. When the ball collecting tipping arm has two balls it releases them to roll around the outside of the wheel, turning it, and raising a glass marble onto its very own personal track. This ball returns to the wheel, waiting for another 2 balls to turn the wheel and raise it up again. The loop d’ loop on this RBS is also very nice. After the three inversions the ball come up and rolls around in a circle twice – and both times the tracks bisect the loops they ball just sped through. A very nice loop d’ loop effect.

The tall coil exits into an uphill and then dip before entering a vertical zig-zag. There’s a large dip in the front, a flat spiral off to the right, a regular tipping arm, wavy track, “balls on track” and a lot of back and forth track to fill in the RBS. All four tracks merge into the flat plate to line them up for the chain lift. The chain lift can be slowed down or sped up to fit your mood.

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