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Compact Tabletop

40″h X 32″w X 16″d – FOUR tracks – chain lift – 1-1/2″ balls

Compact Tabletop

This really nice, compact Tabletop Rolling Ball Sculpture has 4 tracks squeezed into the frame. Two fast tracks and two long tracks. The fast tracks are a tall skinny coil with a neat “S” track exit and the other fast track is the Loop d’ Loop. The loop has a real nice backwards exit that uses the ball’s own backspin to slow it down on exit. The two long tracks share the top of the RBS and then split into their own sides in the bottom half. See three track splitters, ball collecting tipping arm, regular tipping arm, some horizontal zig-zag track, a flat spiral, a few dips in the track, lots of curvy back and forth tracks and a collector plate that merges all 4 tracks into one to line back up for the chain lift. This RBS sports 1-1/2″ acetyl resin balls. They are nice and quiet and can by dyed any color if you wish.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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