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Curves & Swerves

24″w X 26″h X 12″d – THREE tracks – chain lift

Curves & Swerves

This well-proportioned Rolling Ball Sculpture has a lot of fun elements to watch. Three tracks include a loop d’ loop, a tall skinny spiral and lots of other fun! There are 3 sections of horizontal zig-zag tracks, a ball collecting tipping arm, a regular tipping arm, a flat spiral, some dips in the tracks and fast curves and swerves. The second tipping arm is essential to separate the marbles for the next couple of zig-zags. If the marbles are rolling together, they hit each other on the zig or zags and stop cold. All three tracks roll onto the flat plate at the bottom to merge together to line back up for the lift. The chain lift can be slowed down or sped up to match your mood.

The nice thing about the square from that holds all the RBS inside is that it can sit on a table or be mounted to the wall.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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