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Funnels & Powder Coats

26″h X 16″w X 12″d – THREE tracks – Chain lift

Funnels & Powder Coats

This is one of my first powder coated projects. Normally, I just clean the steel and leave it nice and shiny stainless silver. This is a nice, small, square frame with the RBS tracks and elements fit inside the small space. As with all of my DC motors this one has the ability to operate at different speeds, slow to fast, to fit what you want to experience. 

See on this one a tall coil, track splitters, flat spiral, a nice tight loop d’ loop, and lots of tight twisty track with a few dips here and there. The ball collector can be set to tip with one ball or up to three balls before releasing them. All three tracks collect into the collector tray at the bottom which funnels them back to the lift for another trip to the top.

As always 100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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