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Matte Black

48″w X 24″h X 16″d – FOUR tracks – helical lift

Matte Black

This four track RBS is a beautiful example of what powder coating can do for an RBS. The matte black looks great on this project, and make the white balls really stand out. This RBS has a loop d’ loop with 10 inversions! That’s the maximum I can built using 12ft of stainless steel. 9 loops with an inverted exit give it 10 inversions. With 4 tracks, this RBS has more great features. The free-swinging tipping arm keeps on rocking back and forth for a while after the ball makes it spin around. The back-and-forth “U” also keeps the ball moving back and forth for a while – see that element on the bottom right. The ball rolls back and forth until it finally slows enough at the bottom and then rolls out into the collector tray.

See a couple horizontal zig-zags, a tipping arm, flat spiral and lots of fun, curvy tracks that go all over the RBS.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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