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The Convertible

32″w X 24″h X 12″d – FOUR tracks – chain lift

Tabletop, Desktop
The Convertible

This rolling ball sculpture is BOTH a tabletop and wall mounted RBS. The full frame can be set on a table or hung on the wall. Display this RBS however you want, wherever you want. 

Four tracks show a tall skinny coil, a loop d’ loop with 6 inversions, three tipping arms, horizontal zig-zag track, a large dip in the track, some wavy track, three track splitters, and lots of great “regular” track squeezed into this small space.

The ball collecting tipping arm is adjustable, meaning you can choose how many marbles it collects before it tips – 1, 2, 3 or 4 – by adding or removing balls from the counter-weight basket.

The chain lift is speed adjustable – you can choose how fast or slow it operates for your mood or audience.

All four tracks merge into the steel plate at the bottom to gather them and line them up for their next trip back up the lift.

This RBS is powder-coated a nice gloss black. This color really helps the balls stand out and gives it a very nice, finished look.

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